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Neck Contouring Procedures – Part 5

Today’s blog post from the Eisemann Plastic Surgery Center is the last in a series of five posts concerning neck contouring surgical procedures. Today’s post focuses on an ancillary procedure to the neck lift that is often combined with neck lift surgery to give the patient the contouring and profile he/she desires. Some patients do not have a well defined chin, which means that no matter how great their neck is, they do not receive the full benefit of a neck lift or facelift. One’s chin is very important not only in the profile, but also in direct visualization. During a neck lift or a facelift, Dr. Eisemann sometimes adds a chin implant or a mandibular angle implant (jaw area) to improve the aesthetics of a patient’s face and neck. Even a subtle implant can make a significant difference in helping the patient to achieve his/her aesthetic goals. Of course, this requires very careful consideration by the plastic surgeon and patient, and Dr. Eisemann and his surgical staff spend considerable time with the patient educating him/her about options, outcomes and what to expect. Though this series has been lengthy, we hope that it has provided some basic educational concepts to potential plastic surgery patients in the Houston area who are considering a facelift or a neck lift.

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