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Non-invasive Facelifts: Less is Less

Facial surgery has been around for about one century, and while tremendous medical advances have been made over the years, the basics of facelift surgery are tried and true. There is a trend for some physicians to market minimally invasive facelift surgery, non-invasive facelift procedures, and liquid facelifts to patients who want the benefit of a facelift without the downtime. While dermal fillers and Botox® are excellent at temporarily treating fine lines, wrinkles, and areas of lost volume, they are by no means a facelift. Additionally, ultrasound technology found in a newly FDA approved medical device may tout itself as a non-surgical facelift, but the anti-aging aesthetic benefits are of no comparison to a facelift, and at this time no one knows how long the small benefits of ultrasound will last. The Eisemann Plastic Surgery Center is a top Houston plastic surgery practice, and Michael Eisemann, M.D. is triple board certified. Dr. Eisemann, over his 30-year career, has performed hundreds upon hundreds of facelifts for men and women who remain satisfied with the results of the procedure.

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