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You may or may not know that Accutane has been taken off the market.

Triple Board Certified Surgeon Dr. Michael Eisemann of the Eisemann Cosmetic Surgery Center in Houston is performing IPL treatments in conjunction with Levulan as an alternative to the popular prescription drug Accutane that is no longer available.

Schedule your initial consultation to see how our experienced team, Dr. Michael Eisemann and Dr. Bradley Eisemann can help you. The Eisemann Plastic Surgery Center serves Houston, Clear Lake, and surrounding communities in Texas. Please contact us below or call (713) 790-1771 today.

What are IPL and Levulan? Let’s take a look.

IPL (Intense light pulse) is also known as photo-facial, fotofacial, and photo rejuvenation is a state-of-the-art method and one of the latest techniques in photofacial therapy. The IPL system delivers elevated intensity and mighty pulses of set fire to that greatly enhances the results of your skin rejuvenation. IPL stimulates new collagen growth resulting in healthier, younger more vibrant skin. IPL contains multiplied wavelengths of apply the match to energy containing ‘blue light’.

Levulan is a medication that’s applied to the skin. This medication makes areas damaged by the sun, that are precancerous or have acne-causing bacteria and overactive oil glands to increase their sensitivity which allows the IPL to have more of an impact.

The end results of this procedure are getting attention and if this is a problem you are dealing with the best way to see if this is right for you is to call us today and setup a consultation.

To schedule your consultation with our experienced Houston triple board-certified plastic surgeon, please contact us today. Dr. Eisemann caters to skin care patients from around the world at his Houston, Texas area practice.

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