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“oil Man Booms About Eye Lid Reduction?”

Dear Dr. Eisemann,

For two years now I have been starring out at the troops for my morning pep talks, and I felt as if I lacked the same verve or stature in front of them. It wasn’t that we were slipping in contracts or that our wells were coming up dry, but something had changed. Now when I raised my bass during speaking, my glare felt as if it lacked the same punch.

So, I heeded the words of my incredible wife who was as wise as she was beautiful, and twice as smart. “Go see Dr. Eisemann.”

“An ‘Eyelift’ is your answer for my lack of losing a bit of my roar in my morning talks?” I said to her incredulously.

I didn’t know if I was more shocked by the answer or offended.

But, I listened to her, and went anyways.

And – Dr. Eisemann, I can not thank you enough. The patience and time you took with all my skepticism and disbelief was just the start.

And how ya’ll babied me when I was whining about the pain – My lord what a nightmare I must have been! (Now I know the pain my loved one is in as she fights to stay young and pretty as the De Facto head of our house. I will never poke fun again.)

But most of all Doc, I just want to thank you for making me inspire my troops to raise sales 14% this quarter since my return from your office. I know it’s because they are again looking into my eyes and seeing the passion and verve once again in what we do.

Warmest regards to you and your amazing staff,

Forever Drilling

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