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Do you have misshapen, pointy, or ears that simply stick out a ways from your head? Then Otoplasty might be right for you!

Here at the Cosmetic Surgery Center in Houston we understand that ears are something that can be very frustrating for people. There is no exercise on the planet that is designed to change the shape or placement of ones ears. However with the benefit of modern medicine, we are able to pin ears back, or in any direction which you may desire.

Many children suffer years of ridicule and insecurity due to “elephant ears”, as they are sometimes less affectionately referred to. Sometimes ears can even hinder a professional career as they distract from the potency of the speaker.

If any of this applies to you, then you might want to consider getting a consultation regarding Otoplasty. Give our office a call, because Dr. Eisemann of Cosmetic Surgery Center in Houston is here to help you.

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