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Pectoral Implants – The Male Counterpart To Female Breast Augmentation

While some men are easily able to build pectoral muscles by exercising, for others it is not so easy.  Genetic predisposition is often to blame for this.  Male patients can enhance their chest and self-esteem by undergoing a pectoral implant procedure.  The implants are made from soft silicone, and like breast implants, they come in various sizes and shapes.  Through consultation with Dr. Eisemann of the Eisemann Plastic Surgery Center of Houston, you will choose the size and shape that is most natural looking for your physique.  Pectoral implants are inserted under general anesthesia.  It is possible to perform the surgery endoscopically, which utilizes fewer small incisions, and reduces bleeding and swelling.  However, every patient is unique and this is a decision to be made by Dr. Eisemann.  If the patient has fat deposits in the chest area, it is recommended that he also have the fat removed before implantation, so liposuction may be combined with the pectoral implant procedure.  The surgery requires at least two hours, and recovery can take between two to four weeks.  After two weeks, the patient can usually return to non-strenuous activities.  However, Dr. Eisemann will perform an extensive post-operative follow-up in the office, and he will create a custom-tailored recovery plan.  The Eisemann Plastic Surgery Center serves numerous male patients and does an excellent job making them feel comfortable both discussing the procedure, but also being in the office.  For more information on pectoral implants, contact Dr. Eisemann’s knowledgeable staff today.

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