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Plastic Surgeons In Houston Perfecting Your Breast Augmentation Surgery

We hope to offer our patients some insight to an issue that surgeons who really know the difference in cosmetic breast surgery operations.  A key point that many surgeons look for is something we have mentioned in prior entries as the IMF.  No, not the International Monetary Fund, rather the inframammary fold.  Most simply it is the anatomical place on the upper abdomen where the lower breast folds and connects to the lower portion of the breast.   It is commonly used in many surgeries as the optimal spot for an incision for the insertion of a device into the mammary or breast during an augmentation when using that type of operation.  Other types of insertion are of course possible, including through the nipple, and even through the skin of the abdomen.

However, in the typical surgery’s recovery, the location of an inframammary scar can be an indication of the success in healing of the patient’s breast and, incidentally, success and optimum results post-surgery.  It is important to note if there is movement of the scar from its original position from the augmentation.   The intention is to isolate any stretching of the native skin to the area of the breast only, thus maintaining the natural stability of the body to cup and support the anatomical structure and ensure that the new look of the breast defies any shift that might affect the look of your implant.  That is the type of extra attention to detail a patient may be assured of at Eisemann Plastic Surgery.  Knowledge combined with the patient’s focus on post-operative healing techniques will provide the patient with the optimum success in personal results.

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