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Plastic Surgery Alternatives: Part 1. – Liposuction And Botox

Problems have solutions, it’s how things work. And, in the world of plastic surgery there are some simple answers to common problem areas.
And in the constantly advancing field of cosmetic surgery “triple board certified” Dr. Michael Eisemann has earned a reputation one of Houston’s finest Dr’s throughout the years making him an excellent choice when considering a surgeon. But, before you decide on that procedure it’s good to make sure you’ve done your part. Today we’re going to look at two of the most common procedures:


  • Liposuction.

The first questions of course are obvious regarding cardio and diet. However, have you looked into other alternatives such as creams and other products which are worth considering. These should be seriously discussed with a professional weight loss coach or qualified expert who can help you find a solution that will work well with your particular body and life-style. If you’ve tried traditional exercise routines, diets, and become disappointed and frustrated with a lack of results the reason may be you’re trying methods that were meant for someone else. In a world where everyone has an answer it can be quite confusing to sort out what is what, and it can often become overwhelming. The key is to find a trainer or health expert who can help you understand the fundamentals of a healthy diet based on your particular body and what it needs. The point here is not trying to convince you of anything. But, rather to make sure you’ve done everything you can, because you may be surprised how fast you see results that you never thought were possible by simply finding a coach or personal trainer who knows their stuff.

  • Botox.

Botox is a go-to for woman and has started to become more popular for men as well. It’s fast and the results are immediate.
However if you are dealing with wrinkle lines, is it because you’ve developed a habit of squinting or wrinkling your brow? You may be surprised that facial expressions are a big part of wrinkles and you can retrain yourself to stop or reduce the frequency or how much if this is part of the problem.  Of course staying out of intense direct sunlight, using sunscreen, appropriate facial creams, and moisturizers play their role in addition to diet and drinking enough water. In closing, if you are managing your personal health and not getting the results you want keep in mind that there are people who can help and may be able to provide answers you wouldn’t be able to on your own.

From Dr. Eisemann and his staff, have a great Thursday Houston!

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