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Plastic Surgery Changing Lives: Part 3

While the majority of patients we see at The Eisemann Plastic Surgery Center are Houstonians and international patients seeking to reveal a better version of themselves or counteract natural aging, plastic surgery can do so much more than provide a fountain of youth. In numerous cases, it can give a person back his/her life, and that is exactly what happens with Operation Mend, a philanthropic program funded by generous private donations to treat US service men and women who have been badly burned or disfigured while on duty in Iraq or Afghanistan. An Austin, Texas soldier sustained nearly fatal burns over his entire body causing him to lose all ten fingers and making his face unrecognizable to himself and loved ones. After he was medically stable, this soldier became a recluse hiding behind dark glasses, hats and hooded sweatshirts when (and if) he left his home. Understandably his self-confidence was non-existent. Operation Mend intervened with both charity funds and time from renowned plastic and reconstructive surgeons. Though the young man will never resemble his former self, the plastic and facial reconstructive surgery have given him back some semblance of the man he was before the accident, which has alleviated his social isolation and given him hope for a better future.

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