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Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong? We Think Not!

Earlier this month, a Florida news station reported that three victims came forward after receiving “toxic” plastic surgery. The scandal developed when several people allowed O’Neal Morris to perform buttock augmentation in a Motel 6 in or around Broward County, Florida. Morris, presumably representing himself as a plastic surgeon, injected substances including but not limited to flat-tire repair sealant, mineral oil, concrete and super glue to accomplish a buttock augmentation. The would-be patients had to receive medical intervention from real, licensed physicians to undo the damage. While most reasonable people would question why anyone would go to a Motel 6 for plastic surgery, the Eisemann Plastic Surgery Center questions why the news media would even refer to these incidents as “plastic surgery” at all! There is probably also a Darwin Award story in here somewhere.  Medical doctors who have graduated from an accredited medical school, who have undergone the requisite residency training, and who have taken rigorous board certification exams, perform plastic surgery. While it is unfortunate that people were harmed by these alleged actions, nothing O’Neal was alleged to do remotely resembles plastic surgery or medicine. This is a situation in which an unlicensed individual decided to practice medicine, which is a crime across all 50 states. Any plastic or aesthetic surgeon worth his/her salt: proudly displays his/her hard earned credentials; has an in-office, nationally accredited surgical suite; maintains privileges at various hospitals; provides galleries of before and after photos from all procedures offered; and, offers many other professional services.

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