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Plastic Surgery Isn’t All Hollywood. It Can And Does Changes Lives

The field of plastic and cosmetic surgery is often perceived as something set aside for the stars or high society people, but this is a very biased, narrow view of what plastic surgeons do. Plastic surgery has the power to change lives for the better, and we don’t mean by increasing one’s breast size or whittling away the waistline. Some patients are born with congenital defects that impact their day-to-day lives. This is especially true for children who are born with a hemangioma, which is essentially a benign tumor occurring in blood vessels. A hemangioma creates a red or purplish lesion on the affected area, which can include the patient’s face. While many of these benign tumors self-resolve during infancy and early childhood, there are patients who enter their school years with large, visible hemangioma on the face. As one can imagine, this subjects the child to at least staring, being ostracized by peers, and in some cases outright cruelty. This not only impacts the child’s self-esteem but also his/her education. The Eisemann Plastic Surgery Center has treated numerous children with facial hemangioma. Dr. Eisemann explains to parents and the child that the surgery may have to be performed as a series of smaller procedures so that the surgery not only produces positive aesthetic results, but also is also safe for the child. In one child’s case, Dr. Eisemann removed hemangioma from the child’s lower lip and cheek. After the final surgery, Kimberly was all smiles and reported that at school and in public people no longer stared at her or whispered behind her back. She could just be one of the kids. To hear more about Kimberly’s story, visit our video library.

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