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Is Plastic Surgery For Me?

The motivations for people to have plastic surgery are as unique as the individual, and often these motivations are intensely personal. Some persons want to improve a particular feature such as the nose or tummy, improve their self-confidence, or try to please someone else like a spouse or partner. Though plastic surgery is a medical operation just like an appendectomy, it can have more psychological and emotional motivation(s) than prospective patients may think. Before making the decision to have plastic surgery, whether that is breast augmentation or liposuction, carefully examine all your motivations for plastic surgery.   Your surgeon will discuss personal expectations from the very first appointment, and it’s important to have realistic expectations for the outcome. Plastic surgery will change the physical appearance of a body part(s), but it does not change the person’s core being. For example, if a patient has experienced a life-changing event such as the loss of a spouse/partner, child, or job, or if the patient suffers from depression, having plastic surgery is not going to change the situation or cure the patient’s depression. A reputable, board certified plastic surgeon is trained to recognize patients who may not be ready for plastic surgery, or who simply may not be appropriate candidates for plastic surgery. The bottom line is that a prospective patient must be both physically and emotionally healthy before having plastic or cosmetic surgery. At The Eisemann Plastic Surgery Center in Houston, Dr. Eisemann and his staff have your best interests and well being at the forefront.

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