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Plastic Surgery Motivations For Houston Patients

Plastic surgery changes the body’s landscape and topography by restoring youthful contours, lifting, firming, reducing, and in some areas plumping. While plastic surgery’s focus is the exterior self for all to see, it can have a tremendous impact on one’s psyche in both positive and negative ways. This is why a reputable plastic surgeon will probe during consultations to determine the patient’s main motivation for having surgery. Because plastic surgery does impact one’s sense of self, identity and self-esteem, it is important for the surgeon to determine that the patient is seeking surgical intervention for the right reasons. Though each patient is as unique as his/her reason for plastic surgery, there are reasons that throw up red flags to surgeon and should also to the patient. For example, having a breast augmentation or breast lift because it is something the patient desires is one thing, but having liposuction because the patient’s partner or spouse tells them they are unattractive is quite another thing. Having liposuction, breast augmentation, or any other plastic surgery procedure solely because another person wants you to do it is not a good idea. In fact, ethical plastic surgeons like Michael Eisemann, M.D., discourage patients from having surgery just to please a partner or spouse.

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