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Plastic Surgery Outcomes: Factors Beyond Your Surgeon’s Skills

The results of your plastic surgery are based on factors beyond the skill and experience of your plastic surgeon.  Patients are important partners in their plastic surgery.  One of the first things to do at the initial consult is to fully explain your expectations of what you’ll look like after surgery.  Give this some thought besides picking out photos of swimsuit models.  Not ever imperfection on your body will be fixed by the surgery you choose.  For example, a breast augmentation will give you larger breasts, but it’s not necessarily going to make you a Victoria’s Secret Model unless the rest of you already looked like one.  Outcome factors beyond your personal expectations include your age, condition and elasticity of your skin, whether you’ve been a cigarette smoker, your level of physical fitness, and your nutrition.  For example, a face lift will lift the facial tissue and muscles into a more youthful position, but it won’t fix years of sun damage, scars from acne, or damage from cigarette toxins.  This is not to say that the skin can’t be fixed with other methods such as laser resurfacing, chemical peels or collagen treatments, but those go beyond what a face lift delivers.  After surgery, patients should carefully follow instructions from their surgeon and call his/her office with questions. Long after plastic surgery, the patient can do a lot to maximize and prolong his/her results by eating a healthy diet, getting regular exercise, wearing sunscreen on a daily basis, quit smoking, and limit alcohol consumption to a reasonable level.  One of the biggest delights for triple board certified Dr. Michael Eisemann is seeing their faces light up with their now bodies.  Dr. Eisemann and his staff view you as a partner in your surgery and aftercare.  They will take the time necessary to make sure you understand the procedure, its risks and benefits, and what reasonable expectations include following surgery.   For more information on re-creating a new you, contact The Eisemann Plastic Surgery Center today.

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