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Plastic Surgery Rising In Older Americans

According to medical data, Americans spent $10 billion in 2010 on plastic and cosmetic surgery procedures.  What wasn’t expected was the growth in older Americans electing to have procedures like facelifts, brow lifts and tummy tucks.  Older Americans are defined by persons age 65 and older.  The reasons for this growing trend are not known, but plastic surgeons suspect that Baby Boomers are living longer and feeling younger than ever; therefore, they want to look as young as they feel.  Others speculate that people are working longer in their careers and want to keep their edge by looking as young as possible.  While the American Association of Plastic Surgeons don’t place and age limit on plastic surgery, any astute surgeon will advise that a patient been in good health before having any surgery.  Some people erroneously lump plastic surgery into a category of not serious.  Plastic surgeons like Houston’s Michael Eisemann, M.D., want patients to remember that plastic surgery is just as serious as any operation and that the patients need to be in good shape before going under the knife.  That’s why a reputable plastic surgeon will have patients in this category get clearance from cardiologists and have a full work up beforehand.

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