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Plastic Surgery Warning From Heidi Montag.

“Parts of my body definitely look worse than they did pre-surgery. This is not what I signed up for.”
We’ve all seen the awful pictures from when plastic surgery goes bad but usually the story ends with a Dr. without a license who runs a back alley clinic from his garage. That makes sense. But what is a little confusing is how a celebrity like Heidi Montag could end up the way she did.
It wasn’t completely by accident and I can’t stress that before a major procedure the things that may seem like unimportant details can end up having major impacts after its all said and done.
This is a good opportunity to discuss some of the basics to make sure your dream procedure doesn’t end up a nightmare.
First and foremost have a clear understanding of what you are doing, why you are doing it, and find out what you to expect afterwards which means educating yourself and working with an experienced surgeon who has an established reputation. Dr. Michael Eisemann in Houston is an example in expert personalized patient care. Hi patients get more than a procedure when they visit the Eisemann Plastic Surgery Center of Houston Texas because his entire practice is based on building personal relationships and working together to share his expertise while also finding out what your needs are.
Here are a few tips to remember:
Don’t get in a hurry!  It’s a big decision and you may have hated your nose since birth. But trust me when I say that quality care is worth the wait!
Listen to your surgeon! If he says don’t smoke after the procedure it’s for your own good!

Get references! Check out his record! Don’t trust a few nice looking pictures in a brochure!

Last but not least! After everything checks out and you’ve made a decision with a surgeon you can trust it’s time to smile and relax a little so you can start thinking about how great it’s going to feel to have that tummy tucked, new nose noticed or big boobs bouncing !

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