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Preteen Cosmetic Surgery Cautions

With shows on popular cable channels showcasing teen and even preteen mothers, it is no wonder that teenage cosmetic surgery is on the rise. 


There are a few dangers for teen and pre-teen plastic surgery.


The first is that their body has not yet fully developed. Some people mature later in their life. Many beautiful actors or actresses look very peculiar and odd even in their late teens and early twenties. Imagine if Brad Pitt had gotten a nose job or his ears changed. He wouldn’t be the dashing man he is today.

The second is that during these years, a persons sense of identity has not yet fully formed. Being comfortable with your body is what we’re all about. However, getting surgery at such an early age can cause a discrepancy with accepting oneself.


Simply put, think long and hard before assenting to your teen’s desires to get cosmetic surgery. It is always best to wait until they have reached their full maturity physically and mentally, then if they decide they want to enhance or change their appearance, recommend they come to us at Eisemann Plastic Surgery Center in Houston!

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