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Proactive Patients See Results

Being quite proud of our web site here at Eisemann Plastic Surgery, we invite you to share  our goal in making this site as educational, easy to interact with, and visually pleasing, as possible while staying informative about all aspects of plastic surgery.  To this end, we cover in-depth discussion of such procedures such as breast augmentation, liposuction, surgical lifts, and rhinoplasty.  In fact, we are dedicated to these procedures as well as to tummy tuck and breast reduction.

As we do cosmetic surgery in Houston, TX, we find patients are at their happiest when they get the best results. They also tend to get the best results when they are fully involved in the process of the operation.  Whether a complicated, multi-operation make over with liposuction, body lift, and breast augmentation, or a more simple procedure like rhinoplasty, a patient that takes a proactive role in the recovery process will take their results to new levels. From consultation to post-operative recovery, a patient that takes time to absorb the knowledge they need, do the research, and follow their doctor’s instructions are bound for physical success.  They understand all the steps of the process and the likely results, so they can contribute most effectively to creating a great outcome.  We designed our web sites to help with this education process for our patients so take a look at the information here and learn more.  Then call and schedule a consultation.

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