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Triple board-certified Houston plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Eisemann is pleased to offer chin augmentation procedures suitable for both aesthetic and medical purposes. Medically, chin deformities or distortions can inhibit breathing and result in conditions such as sleep apnea.

Aesthetically, chin size and shape can either enhance or detract from the overall facial appearance.  Dr. Eisemann can customize this facial plastic surgery procedure to meet your specific needs and produce attractive, natural-looking results.  This is done by advancing or recessing the chin bone or by moving it from side to side in cases of chin augmenting.

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For more information on chin surgery in the Houston area of Texas or the surrounding communities, please contact the Eisemann Plastic Surgery Center or call (713) 790-1771 today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Michael Eisemann.

Chin Surgery Options

Dr. Eisemann offers two options for chin surgery: augmentation with implants, or recontouring by adjusting the bone itself. Which option is best for you will depend on what issues are being addressed and the results you are hoping to achieve.

With implant augmentation, Dr. Eisemann will place a silastic implant on top of the chin. This option can balance facial features and produce a stronger profile.

When remodeling is the better option, Dr. Eisemann will advance or retract segments of the bone to improve appearance and function. Neither of these techniques will alter dental occlusion nor result in oral health issues.

Chin surgery is often a part of a more comprehensive facial plastic surgery makeover and may be combined other with options such as rhinoplasty, neck lifts, or neck liposuction for optimal results.

About Our Triple Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Eisemann is triple board-certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, and the American Board of Otolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery. As a result of his vast training and experience, he is uniquely qualified in the area of facial plastic surgery.

He has been in practice for over 30 years, during which time he has garnered a reputation as one of Houston’s most accomplished and talented plastic surgeons.

Dr. Eisemann and our staff honestly care about our patients and do everything possible to ensure their absolute comfort and satisfaction. We gladly accept patients from Houston, throughout Texas, and internationally, and look forward to learning how we can help you reach your aesthetic goals.

To schedule a chin surgery consultation with our triple board-certified Houston plastic surgeon, please contact us today. Dr. Eisemann serves patients worldwide in his Houston, Texas practice.

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