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The Realities of Breast Reconstruction

As discussed in yesterday’s post from The Eisemann Cosmetic Surgery Center, breast reconstruction is an option for breast cancer survivors who seek to replace the breast lost to life-saving treatment thereby looking more natural and balanced, or for those who are not satisfied with wearing a special bra and prosthesis under their clothing.  Breast reconstruction requires several plastic surgery procedures with the overarching goal being to create a breast that looks like the remaining natural breast in terms of size, shape and appearance.  Any good plastic surgeon will discuss with the patient that while a reconstructed breast will fill out their bra and make them look symmetrical in clothing, it will never feel like their natural breast or have the same sensations as their natural breast.  Even following healing from the reconstruction surgery, the patient will have visible incision lines and scars from the original mastectomy and/or the reconstruction surgery.  Recreation of a breast mound usually requires taking tissue from a donor site such as the patient’s back, inner thigh or abdomen, and this, too can leave some visible incision lines.  In order to have improved breast symmetry following reconstruction, some patients elect to have a breast lift to equalize the natural breast and the reconstructed breast.  This is a plastic surgery procedure that is incredibly personal in nature, and potentially emotional.  Therefore, the patient may consider participating in breast cancer survivor support groups and thoroughly contemplating the surgery before taking action.

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