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Refrain From Tanning For Ipl Sundamage Therapy

As the sun has been appearing more frequently after these welcomed rains have disbanded, the summer heat has slowly begun to rise.  Sun damage and skin care are once again at the top of the health and wellness concern.  Years of sun exposure can be tough on the health of your skin. But fortunately, the years of a lifestyle that is unconducive to total well-being can be treated, and in some ways, reversed.

Sun damage takes its toll on the skin. It can leave your skin spotted, reddened, and flush.  Skin tone may appear more harsh and uneven across larger areas. Even greater concern are serious medical conditions that may arise with prolonged exposure.  Fortunately, this summer is the perfect opportunity to have those unslightly blemishes and skin discoloration that comes from years of sun exposure.

The technology known as Intense Pulse Light (IPL) therapy is an effective treatment for individuals concerned with sun induced dyspigmentation and vascular changes in the skin.  The intensified medical grade light treatment of variable frequency can be interfered by too heavy of a sun tan or tanners.  These over stimulate the color-causing pigments of melanin in skin and provide a confusing target for the light.

So as we begin to address your needs in sun damage repair with IPL therapy, you will need to be aware that you should refrain from sun tanning directly before or after your treatment. For more information, call for a consultation.

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