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Resuming Exercise Following Plastic Surgery

Many of Dr. Michael Eisemann’s patients want to know when they can begin exercising again following a plastic surgery procedure such as breast augmentation and/or breast lift. While getting your exercise is very important for optimizing your health, you will need to take a break from usual routines until cleared by Dr. Eisemann at your post-surgical follow-up appointment. Though most patients are able to go back to their exercise routines within four weeks, each person is an individual. Dr. Eisemann recommends a complete avoidance of strenuous weight bearing exercises during your healing process, as well as strenuous cardio training. Instead the patient may perform low impact activities such as walking outdoors or on a treadmill and doing so at a gentle pace. There are good reasons for avoiding strenuous exercise because doing so can cause bleeding, bruising, and/or swelling around the surgical site.

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