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Rhinoplasty In Houston

Houstonians are “in the know” when it comes to their plastic surgeons like the world knows Hollywood actors and directors. One name that is never far from memory in the small circles of Southern Doctors, who specialize in Rhinoplasty, is Triple Board certified Dr. Michael Eisemann. He has been a household Houston name in Plastic Surgery and has been doing this for over three decades to Houston’s elite. When considering this cosmetic procedure, there are many factors which can be done to enhance your nose in proportion to your face. Dr. Eisemann can shave off bumps on the nose, shape nostrils wider or slimmer, alter the space between the nose and the lip, and adjust the tip of the nose as well as quite a few others. He contours the nose area so it fits more proportionally to your face and gives you a more natural appearance while balancing each change to what each client individually wants. Call Dr. Eisemann today for your Rhinoplasty appointment and consultation now.

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