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If you would like to improve your appearance by altering the shape and/or size of your nose, you need to consult Dr. Michael Eisemann, a Triple Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in Houston. One of Dr. Eisemann’s Board Certifications is Otolaryngology (Ear, Nose, and Throat) which makes him uniquely qualified to perform nasal surgery, both functionally (Septoplasty) and cosmetically (Rhinoplasty). 

About Rhinoplasty Nose Surgery with Dr. Eisemann

Before choosing to undergo Rhinoplasty surgery, Dr. Eisemann will evaluate your facial structure. Ideal candidates for this surgery must have developed mature nasal structures, be in good health (physically and psychologically), and have realistic goals and expectations. In girls the nose is fully mature at 14 to 15 years of age, and in boys at 16 to 17. At these ages it is safe and appropriate for young adolescents to have Rhinoplasty.

If you live in or around Houston and are considering rhinoplasty, please contact the Eisemann Plastic Surgery Center online or by calling (713) 790-1771 to schedule a consultation today. Dr. Eisemann welcomes patients from all areas of Texas and throughout the world.

Dr. Eisemann was recently featured on the BestDocs Network for his experience in Rhinoplasty surgery.

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Primary Rhinoplasty Nose Surgery

Nose surgery is one of the cosmetic procedures that can most greatly improve your overall appearance. It is appropriate for adults as well as teens, as long as they are about 16 years old and their facial growth is complete. Our patients choose rhinoplasty in Houston for their own personal reasons that often include:

  • Enhancing the size or shape of the nose
  • Repairing damage caused by an injury
  • Improving or restoring breathing
  • Complementing another facial sculpting procedures, such as eyelid surgery or a facelift.

The procedure takes about one to two hours, although more complicated procedures can take longer to complete. Most incisions are concealed inside the nose or along its natural creases, eventually leaving no noticeable evidence of the surgery.

At your cosmetic consultation, Dr. Eisemann will perform a comprehensive examination of your nose to determine if you have any functional airway problems. He will also take photographs of your face with the latest technology and use video imaging to show you a morphed image of what you can expect to look like after surgery, allowing for modifications as needed to ensure all of your goals are being met

Rhinoplasty not only improves the appearance of your nose for cosmetic reasons but can improve function as well. Dr. Eisemann can decrease or increase the size of the nose, remove dorsal humps, improve nasal tip projection, lengthen or shorten the nose, utilize cartilage grafts for support and definition, and reduce thick sides of the nasal walls with this procedure. In many instances the functional portion of the surgery may be covered by insurance. Please check with you plan for additional information.

Revision Rhinoplasty Nose Surgery

Put simply, there are times where patients aren’t satisfied with the results of their rhinoplasty. Houston plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Eisemann has seen and helped hundreds of patients who underwent rhinoplasty in the hopes of achieving a less prominent and more attractive nose, only to walk away with a whole new set of complaints. He has worked for decades to become one of the pre-eminent revision rhinoplasty surgeons in the Houston area, enabling him to help people faced with unsatisfactory results reach their aesthetic goals.

Dr. Eisemann understands what might go wrong during a rhinoplasty procedure and he knows what the effects can be. More importantly, he knows how to address your concerns and leave you with a new, beautiful nose you’ll love.

When is Revision Rhinoplasty The Right Treatment for Me?

Revision rhinoplasty might be appropriate if:

  • Your nose simply doesn’t look as you expected
  • You’re having trouble breathing through your nose after the procedure
  • Some abnormalities or imperfections remain
  • You realize a choice you made before the first procedure didn’t work as you wished
  • New cosmetic problems arise after the first procedure

Revision rhinoplasty is a complicated procedure that involves operating on a nose that has already been the subject of a previous surgery. That introduces a number of challenges, making a skilled and confident hand necessary for optimal results. Dr. Eisemann is known throughout Houston for his extraordinary work with the revision rhinoplasty procedure. He has performed over 200 consecutive revision rhinoplasty procedures without a complication. You can view examples of his work by visiting our rhinoplasty before and after gallery.

Rhinoplasty Surgery Incision Options

Open rhinoplasty involves incisions made on the external part of the nose. These incision options include:

  • Columellar – along the columella
  • Wedge – between the nose and the cheek
  • Weir – most commonly at the edges of the nostrils

Open rhinoplasty can be useful for narrowing the alar base (nostrils), particularly with wedge and weir incision options.

Closed rhinoplasty involves incisions made on the inside of the nose. These incision options include:

  • Hemitransfixion – in the front of the cartilaginous portion of the septum
  • Intercertilaginous – between the upper lateral cartilage and the lower lateral cartilage
  • Kilian – behind the caudal edge of the cartilaginous septum
  • Marginal – at the end of the lower lateral cartilage
  • Rim – at the base of the nostril
  • Transfixion – through both sides of the membranous septum

Because closed rhinoplasty allows for complete concealment of incision scars, it is often the more attractive option. However, even open rhinoplasty incisions can become nearly undetectable when your procedure is performed by an experienced and board-certified plastic surgeon like Dr. Eisemann. You can further reduce risks of visible scars by carefully following all rhinoplasty recovery instructions provided during your time in our care. Care instructions will be covered in detail to ensure you are provided all of the information and support you need to make a clean and quick recovery.

Recovery Time for Rhinoplasty Nose Surgery

Initial recovery from rhinoplasty typically takes about two weeks. However, you should not confuse initial recovery with final results, as those can take months to become apparent.

The first few days of rhinoplasty recovery can present the biggest challenges. For the first 24 to 48 hours, you will want to make sure you have an adult around who can help take care of household necessities while you take time to rest.

It is not uncommon to experience a headache or to notice swelling around the nose during the initial recovery period. Pain can be controlled with the use of medications. Swelling can be controlled with icepacks and avoiding strenuous or excessive movement. Dr. Eisemann will provide you with a complete list of things you can and cannot do during this time to help ensure you do not create any complications.

At your one week follow-up appointment, splints, stitches, and nasal packing are all removed. At this time, many people are comfortable returning to work, but this will be a decision based on the requirements of your job. Strenuous activities may need to be avoided for up to six weeks and should certainly not be resumed until Dr. Eisemann gives you the go-ahead.

After two weeks, the primary obstacles to seeing your final results will be bruising and residual swelling. Once these things have gone away, your newly contoured nose will be completely visible. Providing you follow all pre and postoperative instructions, your recovery time should be minimal and your final results amazing.

Dr. Eisemann will discuss all of this with you in more detail during your Houston rhinoplasty consultation.

What to Look for in a Houston Area Nose Surgeon

Board-certified Houston Nose SurgeonIt is not enough to assume a surgeon who offers nose surgery is capable of producing remarkable results. It’s important that you feel confident in a surgeon’s abilities before you commit to having your procedure performed.

One of the first things to look for in a rhinoplasty surgeon is his training and certifications. You should only work with a board-certified plastic surgeon with hospital privileges who can perform your surgery in an accredited hospital or surgical suite. Both of these things can play a large role in your safety and final results.

Your rhinoplasty surgeon should be willing to show you before and after pictures of patients he has helped through both primary and revision rhinoplasty. These pictures will give you a better idea of the type of results a particular surgeon can offer.

Your rhinoplasty surgeon should listen closely to your needs from the moment you walk in the door. He should clearly answer all of your questions and honestly discuss things such as potential complications and rhinoplasty recovery. If you feel like a surgeon is not listening to you or is incapable of producing your desired results, look for another surgeon.

Consultations for plastic surgery are not commitments. You are entitled to continue looking until you find a rhinoplasty surgeon with whom you feel comfortable and confident.

Contact Our Rhinoplasty Specialist, Dr. Michael Eisemann

To schedule a rhinoplasty consultation with our triple board-certified Houston facial plastic surgeon, please call (713) 790-1771 today. For over 30 years Dr. Eisemann has helped men and women in the Houston, Texas area and from around the world restore balance to facial features through personalized rhinoplasty procedures.


Dr. Eisemann is triple board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS), the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (ABFPRS), and the American Board of Otolaryngology (ABOto).  He also lectures, publishes articles, and educates residents on various aspects of plastic surgery.

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