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Saline Implant Success Rates

Individuals considering breast implants often ask about the durability of the saline implant.  These devices are not “lifetime devices” and though you may possibly never have a problem regarding the use of your implants, the average expectancy for failure of a device is around 10 to 15 years.

Studies indicate that problems for these saline devices occur at a rate of around a 1% increase in possible failure per year of wear.

Deflation is when a saline implant leaks and the fluid is absorbed by the body.  Unlike gel implants, deflation in saline is quite apparent.  If this were ever to occur you should schedule an appointment immediately, but should know you are not in danger.  This rarely happens and may never happen over the course of the of the breast enhancement device.

Because saline is a non-harmful solution that is readily absorbed by the body, the FDA does not specifically suggest regularly schedule MRIs for saline as opposed to gel.  MRIs should, however, be considered a part of any woman’s yearly physical check-up over the age of 30 and beyond—especially those at risk.  Overall, an excellent breast augmentation device, but ultimately up to the decision you make with your doctor.

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