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Should You Get Botox From Your Dentist?

More and more physicians who are not specialists in plastic surgery or other cosmetic surgery procedures are delving into aesthetic treatments such as Botox, Dysport and other injectables.  You’ve probably sat in your dental or gynecology office lately only to see advertisements offering Botox to patients.  While both dentists and gynecologists have medical training, they do not work with Botox or other aesthetic injectables on a regular basis.  This is merely a revenue enhancement for such practices.  When seeking Botox treatment the gold standard is to consult with a plastic surgeon who specializes in such treatment and who is specially trained in the fine musculature of the face.  While another medical or dental professional may have received some training on where to make injections to paralyze the muscles that cause frown lines, they may not know how deep or how intensely to treat with Botox injections.  Incorrect application of Botox or Dysport has visible consequences, such as a droopy eyelid.  Trust your face to the professionals who know it best.  At the Eisemann Cosmetic Surgery Center we specialize in numerous cosmetic procedures, including Botox, but we won’t try to clean your teeth.

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