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Is “smart Lipo” The Right Choice For Me?

Unlike a more invasive Liposuction procedure, “Smart Lipo” uses lasers to melt stubborn fat cells, those same ones you are having such a hard time losing through your efforts of exercise and dieting. It’s also most effective in hard-to-target areas such as back fat or the bra rolls, growing muffin tops, and yucky double chin fat. “Smart Lipo” is liked by patients because it tends to be less invasive and has fewer complications that result from side effects, which means less scarring, less recovery time, and less hassle.

There have been a lot of reviews about this procedure and articles written in Star, Elle, and other magazines. Remember that some procedures work better than others, and it’s a good idea to talk with a board certified plastic surgeon like Dr. Michael Eisemann in Houston, a leading expert in the field of cosmetic surgery and has extensive experience in different types of liposuction, including  laser liposuction techniques.  To learn more contact our office today to setup a consultation.

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