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Smoking Cessation

Greetings from Dr. Eisemann Cosmetic Surgery Center in Houston.

In the United States alone, it is withing the realm of possibilty to prevent over two millions complications in plastic surgery simply by encouraging a smoking cessation a month prior to a planned cosmetic surgery procedure.
Every year, between 8 to 10 millions surgical procedures that use anesthesia are done on cigarette smokers. The nationwide total is around 50 million, which means that smokers constitute about 20% of the nationwide total. In a recent study, it was estimated that a smoking-cessation a month prior to surgery could drastically reduce the risk of negative side effects for cosmetic surgery patients who are smokers.

The figures were taken by reviewing randomized studies that based the smoking cessation rate at 25%. So the number of two million preventable complications is based on a 1 in 4 ratio of people who will choose smoking cessation,

Smokers that were able to quit smoking prior to surgery had 41% less complications. The statistics show that for every week of cessation the effect increased by 19%.

One month seemed to be the most effective amount of time that researchers found to suggest.

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