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Spare Tire Blues

The Boy Scout’s motto is “Be Prepared!”  It’s  good to be prepared with a spare, but when the spare is sitting around your waist, that’s different. Looking and feeling like the Michelin Man can have a serious impact on men’s health and vitality. While some women feel victimized by their hips and thighs despite good diet and regular exercise, the man’s nemesis is stubborn belly fat that can be hormonally induced. This belly fat hangs around like an unwanted guest because it tends to be dense and fibrous. However, liposuction techniques designed for the male patient are extremely effective in removing this unwanted fat. Besides providing an aesthetic benefit and boost to the self-esteem, scientific research shows that reducing body fat leads to a longer, healthier life. Additionally, ridding the body of the spare tire can go a long way in reducing lower back strain. Recovery from liposuction is relatively short and patients generally go back to work in about a week or less. If you’re ready to banish the spare tire to the trunk, contact The Eisemann Plastic Surgery Center in Houston today for more information.

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