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The State of Fat Grafting In Houston Plastic Surgery: Faces And Breasts

For the last ten years plastic surgeons and researchers have been evaluating the effectiveness, safety and longevity of fat grafting. This is a procedure where fat cells from the patient’s own body are harvested from a donor site, processed for medical use, and then re-injected into another area of the body, such as the face or even breasts. While fat grafting has the obvious benefit of using the patient’s own natural cells rather than fillers or breast implants, it is far from a perfect procedure. The top challenges for fat grafting include the risk of over filling or under filling the recipient site as well as reabsorption of the grafted fat. Nevertheless, fat grafting procedures to restore facial volume and augment the breasts are improving over years of clinical studies. Though fat grafting may be a more “natural” approach to plastic surgery, the facts are that facial fillers and breast implants remain to be the most stable and predictable methods for patients at this time. The Eisemann Plastic Surgery Center prides itself on remaining informed about cutting edge procedures for its patients as well as providing the best present-day plastic surgery techniques for its patients, both male and female.

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