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Stem Cells And Texas Aesthetic Medicine

Stem cells are a hot topic in the press, because these special cells may provide opportunities to treat various diseases and rejuvenate tissues where previously there were few options, if any. Though most stem cell treatments remain experimental and are undergoing various phases of clinical trials, Texas may open the door for more experimental stem cell treatments. In an article published in today’s Wall Street Journal, the Texas Medical Board will vote today on whether to allow Texas physicians to provide experimental treatment using adult stem cells. So, what does that mean for plastic surgery patients? Plastic and aesthetic surgery has already crossed the threshold of stem cells with some physicians providing what they refer to as a stem cell facelift and suggesting that incisions and stitches are a thing of the past. While adult stem cells may have great potential in both clinical and aesthetic medicine, the technology is still evolving. Whether being a patient on the cutting edge of plastic surgery technology is for you or not is a matter to be discussed with your plastic surgeon in depth. The Eisemann Plastic Surgery Center remains well informed about innovations in procedures such as breast augmentation and facelift surgery. In fact Dr. Eisemann is an assistant clinical professor at both Baylor College of Medicine and University of Texas Medical School and remains active in academia. While adult stem cells may have tremendous potential to better our lives of, the fact remains that there is much more that physicians do not know about how to use them to their highest, safest purpose.

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