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Stem Cells In Houston Plastic Surgery – Part 1

Stem cells receive lots of attention in the medical field because they have multiple realms of clinical potential and due to their ability to replicate. Plastic and aesthetic surgeons have significant interest in stem cells for their potential as promising tissue fillers. Stem cells can be used as a single agent filler or they can be used in combination with hyaluronic acid gel. Besides having promise for all realms of medicine besides plastic surgery, stem cells are controversial, but this is limited to embryonic stem cells that are derived through fetal tissue harvesting. However, stem cells are not limited to human embryos, and in fact, adults have stem cells as well that can differentiate in to multiple kinds of tissues. Adult stem cells that can be used in plastic surgery procedures such as facial fat grafting are called mesenchymal stem cells, and they are found in bone marrow and adipose (fat) tissue. As one can imagine, adipose derived mesenchymal stem cells are more readily harvested, and can be easily harvested during a liposuction procedure. This can be done when the patient is under general or local anesthesia either in the hospital or plastic surgeon’s surgical suite. Visit Dr. Eisemann’s blog tomorrow to learn more about the use of adipose harvested stem cells for facial rejuvenation.

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