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Summer Combination Juvéderm® And Botox®

At Eisemann Cosmetic Surgery, we offer JUVÉDERM® Injectable Gel, that restores skin volume and gently lifts away creases in the skin upon treatment.  Being a gel made with a even viscosity made of hyaluronic acid, this inject-able helps to add volume while hydrating the skin.  Laugh lines that may appear harsh after years of smiles, are easily removed with as little as a single injection.

You can rest easy knowing that hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring substance in your skin.  Given this fact, there aren’t complications with skin exposure and the product.  We do recommend that in this summer sun, you keep the exposure to a minimum before and after your treatment. This will keep the skin at its natural state and reduce irritation from reddening.  Although there is no effect from direct sun exposure, the treatment will work best if the skin can readily absorb the injection.

JUVÉDERM® Injectable Gel may also be combined with with an injection of Botox® Cosmetic–further firming the skin and refreshing the supple qualities of the skin.  Botox® was developed to treat the skin’s visual markers of aging through the plumping of skin to firm and remove creases and wrinkles.  This injectable is also safe for summer sun exposure, but once again, for the sake of the treatment we ask you refrain from sun exposure before and after the treatment to maximize the absorption of the skin.  Less irritated skin will more willingly accept the injectable and assure the skin as little irritation as possible.

These procedures are deemed safe and effective for the public, but we still recommend discussing the treatment in a consultation to determine skin type and medical health background in assuring the success of your treatment. Your consultation will include useful information about skin health this summer and care and maintenance of your enhanced refreshed skin during the summer months. During the consultation, specific treatment areas may be identified that are primary areas for treatment, including the laugh lines, forehead, and outer eyes.

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