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Summer Skincare For Injectables

Summer is finally here and as you begin to spend more time exposing your skin to the sun, we’ve been emphasizing healthy skincare habits to our patients.  You may be confused about whether some of the treatments you hope to have done during the Summer months are safe to protect your skin from damages that may occur through complications of excessive heat, sweat, or sun.

It is important to remember to treat your skin with care regardless of what season it you may find yourself seeking treatment.  Wear sunscreen when exposed to UV rays, cover up if planning outdoor activities for lengthy periods, and never see so much sun that your skin develops a burn.  That being said, summer is still a great time for injectable treatments like Artefill, Botox, and others.  These procedures can be performed all year long.

So don’t be confused about the type of complications that may arise from protecting your skin this summer if you plan on having an injectable treatment.  Look to our clinic for guidance and reach out to learn more about what treatment and skin protection plan is right for you.

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