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Swimming Following Breast Augmentation Surgery

Although Houston is still experiencing a very mild winter, people still frequent indoor pools and go to the beach (whether in town or on vacation). One thing many breast augmentation patients look forward to after surgery is sporting a new bathing suit to show off their enhanced figure. While this is a natural thing to want to do, there are some things to be said about swimming or sitting in a hot tub following breast augmentation surgery. Obviously, one would not want to exercise too soon after surgery, and swimming requires a great deal of upper body strength and motion, but there are other considerations for going to the water. The patient should not only have clearance to exercise from Dr. Eisemann, but should also be 100% healed with respect to incisions and draining. Swimming in any pool (public or private) before the incisions have totally healed is inviting the opportunity for infection. The same goes for sitting in a hot tub, which can be a breeding ground for bacteria and other germs. Even though patients are excited about going to the beach or the pool, the best practice is to wait until incisions are totally healed and until the patient receives clearance.

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