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Teens & Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery for teens, and in some cases young children, has been in the news and has its share of opponents and proponents.  Teens make up about 2% of all plastic surgeries.  Some experts believe there has been an increase in teens going under the knife for cosmetic reasons due to social media, teen magazine stories, bullying and the general public’s greater acceptance of plastic surgery.  Statistics from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons shows that between 2002-2006 procedures for teens doubled with more than 244,000 procedures, although in 2010, that number decreased to 220,000.  Some news stories have reported that many young people seek plastic surgery to avoid cyberbullying or bullying at school.  An ethical plastic surgeon will perform an extensive interview with the teen and/or his/her parents to make sure there are no red flags going forward such as psychological problems.  Wanting to look normal is one thing, but teens seeking perfection or undergoing surgery to stop bullying is another.  Even if you fix the bully’s target, they usually move on to something else.  Also, not all teens are candidates for plastic surgery because their skeletal systems may not be fully developed until after the age of 15-16.  The top five teen plastic surgery procedures are:  
#1 – Rhinoplasty/Nose Job (74%)
#2 – Male breast reduction (gynecomastia) (14%)
#3 – Female breast lift, enlargement or augmentation
#4 – pinning back protruding ears
#5 – dermabrasion for acne
If your teen is asking for plastic surgery it’s important as a parent to find out why.  The reasons may be beyond mere aesthetics and a result of insensitive peers.  It may be wise to enlist the assistance of licensed professional counselor who specializes in teen issues.  If, after careful consideration, you permit your teenager to have plastic surgery it should be because it makes him/her feel better, and not to please somebody else.  Parents and teens should also consult with a board certified plastic surgeon to fully understand what the procedure entails, the associated risks, and recovery.  For more information on teen plastic surgery, contact triple board certified Michael Eisemann, M.D. of the Eisemann Plastic Surgery Center.

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