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Thigh Lift Or Thighplasty?

Many people are plagued through their life by having thick and dimpled thighs, and for most they are a painful source of self-consciousness. Referring to them as “Thunder Thighs”, they can become a torment that can cause these otherwise sane people to develop a real fear of wearing shorts in public. It’s no way to live (especially in Houston) and oftentimes it’s genetics that predispose us to having either thick or thin thighs, so that no matter how many legs lifts you may do, or how many miles you run, your thighs will only ever naturally be a certain size.

Thankfully we now live in tech-filled world full of options. No longer are you stuck with what your great-grandmother passed down to you from the old country. Now you get to have a say in the body you walk around in and you can finally achieve the thighs of your dreams. Thighplasty is designed to remove the excess skin from the thighs which is causing the sagging appearance, often prevalent after weigh loss. A Thigh Lift can also be done in combination with Liposuction to achieve thinner, firmer and smoother looking thighs.

Have a wonderful day from Dr. Michael Eisemann and all of us at the Cosmetic Surgery Center in Houston!

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