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Time For a Tummy Tuck?

Now that you have lost all that weight and you are finally feeling good about your looks what do you do with the extra hanging skin? What do you do when you just can’t get the results you desire from working out at the gym and you just can’t get rid of the lingering effects from one or more pregnancies? Houston women turn to Abdominoplasty or otherwise known as a tummy tuck  for a variety of reasons. Whatever you reasoning there are few things you should know about getting a Tummy Tuck Procedure in Houston, TX.

 A tummy tuck is a major elective surgery which means you will be under sedation and should expect the procedure to last aprox 3 hours. Sometimes a night or two in the hospital is required and on average it takes about two to three weeks before resuming normal routines such as work or rigorous physical activities.

Review your options…There are several different kinds of tummy tucks. “Skin only” tummy tucks remove excess skin while leaving muscles intact. They are quicker, less intensive, and allow for a much quicker recovery time. There are also mini-tummy tucks but the final decision needs to be made with you and your surgeon.

If you are considering a opting for a tummy tuck in Houston contact the office of  Dr. Michael Eisemann M.D. to setup a consultation during which you’ll discuss your individual situation, desires, as well as what option or variety of body contouring procedure would best suit your needs.

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