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Tips To Scheduling a Liposuction Surgery

Recently, we discussed the importance of recovery in attaining the optimum results for your voluntary plastic or cosmetic surgery.  We have mentioned the benefits of having surgery in the summer months for many with the time to schedule for more complicated surgical plans.  We have also looked at operation specific healing processes that directly affect recovery and the action plans Eisemann Plastic Surgery provides the patient to expedite the healing process.  

The generally expected length of recovery for cosmetic procedures is a week or two.  Strategically planning your recovery to fit into your schedule to optimize the number of non-working days comes into play for the working professional deciding to undergo a procedure.

Book your surgery for a Thursday perhaps to the advantage of the regular Monday to Friday work schedule for procedures that require fewer days to heal.  With the majority of your recovery time during the weekend, you might have only the need to take a few days off to recover.  This works well if you are reluctant to discuss your liposuction surgery with anyone at work.   Any interference with work is kept to a minimum.  Not that you do not want every one you meet after your operation to admire your new look or reel in new found interest in your youthful appearance, rather you choose to selectively determine the involvement and direct knowledge of others regarding your private choices.

Remember, no operation of machinery and keep the refrigerator filled prior to the surgery.  Have a family member or friend stop in to check up on you, and naturally, stay in contact with the staff at our facility.  We care about you and the success of your results.

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