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Toe Augmentation is Becoming More Popular

We all know about “the little piggy that stayed home.” But, did you ever stop and think about why? For some people the answer is because toe problems can be a major disruption in that they are painful and the problems can quickly get worse leading to complications such as nerve infections and damage to the bone structure. In serious cases these issues lead to problems walking.

The other side of Toe Augmentation is the aesthetic appearance of the foot for people who have misshapen or slightly deformed feet making it uncomfortable to wear sandals or high heels. Bunions, hammertoe and feet that have toes longer than the big toe are other reasons to have a foot procedure.

Your feet are both one of the most important functional parts of your body as well as an important part of your looks and while its easier for men to keep their feet hidden the social aspects of dressing up can make it awkward for woman who can’t wear high heels or open toe shoes. Dr. Michael Eisemann, “triple board certified” plastic surgeon in Houston has gotten countless of people back on their feet in his clinic, the Eisemann plastic surgery center. If you’d like to know if this is right for you call to setup a consultation today!

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