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Transforming Acne Scars With Laser Therapy

Remnants of acne scarring from one’s teenage years, and in some cases adult years, can be distressing – especially if they are not easily covered with makeup.  Even when acne scars can be covered with makeup, that leaves the scar visible if one desires to have a fresh-faced look without makeup when going places such as the gym or beach. Dr. Eisemann and his staff also find that patients presenting with acne scarring as their chief complaint also have active adult acne.  In this circumstance it is important to treat the active acne before working on scars.  There are numerous ways to treat acne, including topical ointments, oral medication, blue light therapy and photodynamic therapy.  Acne scarring can be superficial in nature, deep, red and/or a combination of those types.  Before Dr. Eisemann initiates treatment, he evaluates the scarring to determine if it is more superficial, or whether it impacts the deeper layers of the skin.  In the case of superficial acne scarring, a nonablative laser can be used.  Nonablative lasers, unlike CO2 lasers, do not cause cellular damage to the skin.  Should scarring be red, then treatment generally employs a different kind of laser or an intense pulsed (IPL) device to work on the facial blood vessels.  Fore more difficult acne scars, the treatment may require more than one session.

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