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Types of Facelifts

Plastic surgeons offer different kinds of facelifts to achieve specific goals of the patient.  Generally, plastic surgeons may perform a mini facelift, a full facelift, or a mid facelift.  The mini facelift offers a surgical facial rejuvenation option for patients who either have less need for correction or for those who wish to be economical or have less of a recovery period following surgery.  In most instances the mini facelift is designed to reduce lax skin; it is similar to a regular facelift, but generally has a shorter incision.  Usually the skin is reattached with minimal if any work done on the underlying facial structure.  Though this will provide results, the patient may not be totally satisfied with results in years to come should more work become necessary.  A full facelift usually involves repositioning of fat and elevating underlying structures to make the contours of the face more youthful in appearance, which provides greater longevity for the anti-aging effect.  Still, if a patient is not ready for a full facelift there is a third option called the mid facelift.  This is a good option for patients who need to address tissue laxity of soft tissue around the cheeks.  Plastic surgeons define the mid face as all tissue just below the eye but above the chin.

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