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Upper Arm Shaping In Houston

One of the chief complaints we receive from women over 40 at The Eisemann Cosmetic Surgery Center relates to the upper arms (between the armpit and elbow).  The complaints generally have to do with excess fat or skin laxity.  Both problems can be addressed with plastic surgery, and the medical term for sculpting the upper arm is brachioplasty.  Excess fat in the upper arm can be addressed by making small incisions in the underarm and near the elbow so that a liposuction small cannula may remove excess fat.  This approach is used to avoid visible scarring, and usually the small incisions are hidden in the contours of the body.  Following brachioplasty, your plastic surgeon may require you to wear compression garments on the arms in order to control swelling and prevent fluid build up.  Compression garments are also used to help the skin conform to the new contours of the patient’s arms.  Usually, the patient may return to work in about one week and resume normal activities within two to three weeks.  Following surgery and the healing process, our patients are excited to again wear sleeveless tops and strapless dresses without the worry of jiggly “bat wing” arms.

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