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Usfda Validates Breast Implants

In a not unexpected conclusion, the United States Food & Drug Administration re-affirmed their 2006 decision to reintroduce silicone gel breast implants into the United States market for cosmetic enhancement.  In statements from the FDA, they explained that no new information has arisen to question the safety or effectiveness of the enhancement for use in body augmentation.  This has been accepted world-wide for a number of years now. Perhaps, this FDA report suggests new availability of improved gel implants for US patients that have been available for more than a decade in other nations.

Remaining the most popular cosmetic surgery in the United States of America, breast augmentation surgeries nation-wide totaled approximately 300,000 women opting for the enhancement last year.   More than 70,000 other patients, including breast cancer survivors, opted-in for implants in reconstructive breast surgeries.

It’s good to know that safety issues do not exist for the well-informed, however it is important for women to remember the importance of regular follow-ups.  The check-up should never be thought of as a nuisance or an unnecessary expense, but rather a part of the ongoing assurance of health and success of the enhancements success and safety.  Your health is at the heart of this suggestion.  Too many women that have been treated by clinics less adamant about the continued health of their patients, find that their original happiness with the success of their breast augmentation, is quickly dampened with disappointment when the need for re-operation arises for the improperly monitored breast enhancement device.

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