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Vengeance Plastic Surgery Isn’t Healthy

Plastic surgeons like Michael Eisemann of the Eisemann Plastic Surgery Center in the Texas Medical Center find that many of the prospective patients who come through the doors are people who are divorcing, recently divorced, or ending a relationship.  While most seeking vengeance plastic surgery are women, surgeons see plenty of men too.  While the circumstances of each patient vary, the theme is similar – a long term relationship has ended and the patient seeks payback or a vehicle to catapult them back into the singles scene where the first thing people notice is physical appearance.  Though plastic surgery helps patients find confidence by improving physical appearance, plastic surgeons such as Dr. Eisemann have some reservations about patients seeking vengeance surgery.  First, such people are in an emotionally delicate state, and second they may expect plastic surgery to make an immediate difference in their lives.  Though plastic surgery will make the patient look younger, thinner, or more voluptuous, it does not in and of itself bring peace of mind, contentment, or a replacement partner.  In short, Dr. Eisemann will not deny plastic surgery to divorcees or patients exiting a relationship, but he does encourage them to have surgery for the right reason – because they want to bring out a better version of themselves, and not because they want to show up an ex.  Michael Eisemann, M.D. is a triple board certified plastic surgeon whose career has spanned nearly thirty years.  For more information on Dr. Eisemann and his specialties, contact his office today.

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