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What About Fraxel Or Fractional Laser Treatment?

Fraxel Facial Laser Treatment is a revolutionary laser treatment that helps you remove years from your appearance and regain a more youthful look.  Fractionated lasers are the newest type of laser on the market -For some patients the Ablative lasers are too powerful and the Non-Ablative lasers are not powerful enough.  Fractionated lasers can be a perfect in-between.  Instead of ultimately burning all the skin surface, like an Ablative laser, or none of it, like a Non-Ablative laser, the fractionated lasers burn a ‘fraction’ of the surface,  just as the name sounds Factional/Fraction. This results in skin tightening and exfoliation with some downtime, but not nearly what is seen with Ablative lasers.  Though in some cases, fractionated lasers may require multiple treatments to reach the same results of an Ablative laser they are a less painful with less down time and an alternative only requiring a few additional for most desired results .  Examples of fractionated lasers include Fraxel and Active / Deep FX. There are different degrees to Laser Resurfacing for the face, the most important is to make sure the person performing this procedure is a skilled professional. This is the reason many of our patients come to The Eisemann Plastic Surgery Center in Houston and the reason you should too.

Other skin tightening treatments Dr Eisemann offers – Although not actually lasers, another group of skin tightening treatments should that may be recommended for your skin type are:  Radiofrequency devices function to create heat in the deeper skin, causing skin tightening.  RF devices like Syneron’s eMatrix are considered Non-Ablative, but as they evolve they are becoming more like fractionated lasers.  Another RF device is Thermage, made popular several years ago by Oprah. Another way to help us fight the signs of aging! Fall, Winter and early Spring are generally the best time to have these procedure done as you want to keep your fresh new skin out of the sun!

Well this about covers it!  Hopefully these past posts can help serve as a guide for your choice in any type of anti-aging laser treatment you consider.  Make sure to always choose a surgeon certified by The American Board of Plastic Surgery and do your homework.  You only have one face and we want to make sure it’s one you love to have looking back at you! We all want to grow old gracefully make sure you do research and ask questions to set the right expectations for you!

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