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What Is Artefill® Cosmetic?

ArteFill® is a dermal filler containing collagen, microspheres, and lidocaine.  It is non-surgical method for filling facial wrinkles approved by FDA in October 2006.  There are other FDA approved wrinkle fillers made from natural and synthetic materials, but they provide temporary solutions because the body absorbs the fillers, thereby requiring more injections.  ArteFill® is different because it is made of microspheres that are not absorbed by the body.  When injected, ArteFill’s® own collagen visibly corrects wrinkles in the skin, and it also works with the body’s own collagen.  The microspheres provide a support matrix for the skin.   Many patients choose ArteFill® because the treatment is performed in a short office visit, there is no down time, patients may return to their normal activities immediately after treatment, and most importantly ArteFill® provides results that are immediately noticeable.  Because ArteFill® is an injectable dermal filler, there are no incisions and no required anesthesia.  The lidocaine in ArteFill® makes the injections more comfortable.  After treatment, some patients may have very slight swelling in the treated areas and some redness at the injection site.  Patients also choose ArteFill® because they want a dermal filler that is longer lasting, natural feeling, more economical, and one that requires fewer treatments.  ArteFill® is a safe treatment for facial wrinkles.  In fact, before treatment, patients have a skin test to make prevent any allergic reactions.  If you are looking to plump your nasolabial folds and smooth out facial wrinkles without a face lift or other surgical procedure, contact Dr. Michael Eisemann to see if ArteFill® is right for you.

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