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What is Capsular Contracture?

At The Eisemann Plastic Surgery, we always emphasize that the placement of breast implants is quite safe. The statistics on this are quite clear. Still, we believe strongly in clear communication with our Houston-area patients, and that includes an open discussion of potential complications.

One of the more common complications of a breast augmentation is capsular contracture.

Your body has a very active and finely tuned system for responding to the introduction of foreign materials. Scar tissue will naturally form around the breast pocket after an implants has been placed- this is normal and natural. However, in some instances the tissue will dramatically tighten and squeeze the implant.

This is capsular contracture. It’s unpleasant and uncomfortable, and though relatively rare, it’s something to be aware of when you’re considering breast augmentation. Should capsular contracture occur, the only treatment is a surgical procedure to correct the issue.

Plastic surgeons still are not sure exactly what causes capsular contracture. However, studies have found that there are some ways to reduce the probability that it will occur. One proven method is to employ the sub-muscular implant placement option.

Dr. Michael Eisemann will discuss your options and address any concerns you might have regarding capsular contracture.

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