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What To Do About Earlobe Woes

Most of us have seen it: women with long, stretched out ear lobes or ear piercings that have torn. The lobe stretching is caused by years of wearing large, heavy earrings, and tearing can happen for a variety of reasons, and can be somewhat painful. Fortunately both problems can be corrected through a small plastic surgery procedure. To fix stretched out lobes, one can undergo a “lobe lift” where a plastic surgeon lifts and plumps it back up. Lobe tearing can be more challenging, but a good plastic surgeon can repair the damage and make the lobe more aesthetically pleasing. Houston plastic surgeon Michael Eisemann, M.D. has a long career in helping people restore and/or improve their physical features. In addition to simple ear lobe reshaping and repair, Dr. Eisemann is well qualified to perform more extensive surgery on the ears to make them better proportioned to the head.

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