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What Does a Closed Rhinoplasty Mean?

If you’re like many of the patients who come to our Houston-area office for a rhinoplasty, you’ve probably done quite a bit of research before making your appointment. One of the questions Dr. Eisemann hears a lot regards the meaning of the terms “closed” and “open” rhinoplasty.

These terms essentially refer to the positioning of the incisions made during the procedure. With a closed rhinoplasty, those incisions are made inside the nostrils. There are no incisions on the outside of the nose.

By contrast, an “open” rhinoplasty also includes a small incision across the columella, which is the small bridge of skin between your left and right nostrils.

By keeping the incisions inside the nostrils, the closed rhinoplasty prevents the development of any visible scars. It’s a completely inconspicuous result that doesn’t place your scars on display.

Because there’s less room for maneuver in a closed rhinoplasty, the procedure requires an expert touch, not to mention a complete understanding of the structure of the nose. Dr. Eisemann has been performing nasal surgeries for decades, and as a triple board-certified plastic surgeon, he has proven his ability to achieve the extraordinary changes his patients desire.

If you’re a resident of the Houston, Texas area, or if you’re an out-of-town patient looking for a safe rhinoplasty experience, please contact The Eisemann Plastic Surgery Center today for a consultation.  

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